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16th June 2024 
Fees & How I Work. register

How I Work

Generally I see clients weekly, each individual session lasts 50 minutes and couples sessions last 60 minutes.

The initial session is a chance for you to talk about what has brought you to therapy and what you hope to gain from it. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and get a feel of how we might work together. I will explain my policy on confidentiality, fees, cancellations and appointment times. If you want to go ahead and book further sessions we will talk about whether you'd like to set some goals and establish the initial focus of the therapy. I'm always open to your feedback and happy to hear about what does and doesn't work for you in the therapy. If for any reason you decide not to book further sessions I will do my best to refer you on to someone appropriate.

My fee is 85 per session for individuals and 110 per session for couples, payable by bank transfer BEFORE THE SESSION COMMENCES.